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Agrégat de feu - Cristal Eorzea Item

A large crystalline manifestation of aetheric fire energy.

Gathering skill: 50
Item level: 50
Can be gathered at the following nodes:

ExtractionMor Dhona (28,12)13:00 to 16:00intacts
ExtractionMor Dhona (28,12)17:00 to 20:00intacts
ExtractionNoscea centrale (24,27)19:00 to 22:00intacts
ExtractionMor Dhona (28,12)21:00 to 23:55intacts
Coupe-FaucheMor Dhona (31,14)1:00 to 4:00intacts
Coupe-FaucheMor Dhona (31,14)5:00 to 8:00intacts
Coupe-FaucheMor Dhona (31,14)9:00 to 12:00intacts

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